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Who doesn't love bunnies? From their soft cuddly ears, to their cute little twitching noses and curious natures, there's something about rabbits that appeals to all ages, both young and old!

For rabbit lovers, as well rabbit owners, there's always a wealth of information to discover, pictures to swoon over, and bunny opportunities to think about. That's why having a one stop location like The Rabbit Forum can provide hours of enjoyment, as well as a whole lot of useful information!

Below are a few of the bunny needs that rabbit lovers and bunny owners have:

- Details on how to care for your rabbit.

- Information on rabbit hutches and cages.

- Knowledge of where to buy bunnies.

- An outline of rabbit breeds

- An abundance of cute bunny pictures to make you smile!

So when you're visiting a site like The Rabbit Forum, what type of information can you hope to find? In short, all of the above! In fact, let's talk a little about the topics right now:

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Details On How To Care For Your Rabbit

Rabbits And Children Make Great Playmates, But Only Under Adult Supervision

If you ask pretty much any five year old if they would like a rabbit, the answer would almost always be a big 'yes'! With the cute and fluffy factor in a big measure, bunnies certainly appeal to children.

Whilst rabbits are more than happy to become a loved member of your family, they are also fragile and sensitive souls, very well suited to teenage children. If your young child is determined to have a bunny as a pet, the idea doesn't need to be discouraged, however you do need to be committed to supervising all child-bunny play dates!

Long Haired Breeds May Be Pretty, But They Need A Lot More Care

Just a is the case with us humans, in general the longer the hair, the more maintenance required. Certainly long haired rabbits are visually very pretty, but it's a breed type that should only be picked if you are sure you have the time to care properly for the hair and all of the matted knots that come with it!

Information On Rabbit Hutches And Cages

Stretching, Hopping And Standing On Their Hind Legs

Rabbits are active creatures and love to hop around. To place a rabbit in a tiny hutch with no room to stretch, exercise or play, will not result in a happy bunny!

At the smallest, you should be looking for a hutch that is 30 inches by 30 inches with a height of 18 inches tall.

Everyone Needs Their Private Time, Even Rabbits!

Having plenty of outdoor space to hop around and have fun is vital, but we shouldn't forget that rabbits need their private space too. Make sure that the cage or hutch that you choose also has a private compartment that the rabbit can retire to when it needs a little down time.

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Knowledge Of Where To Buy Bunnies


Where you choose to purchase your pet rabbit will depend to a large extent on the type of rabbit you want. If you are looking for a specific breed or type, you will likely have to go to a particular breeder.

If on the other hand you simply want a cute fluffy family pet and don't really care what breed it happens to be, then your local pet store or even advertisements in your local convenience store may happily satisfy your bunny needs.

An Outline Of Rabbit Breeds

The choice is endless! Here's a few to get your bunny radar pointing in the right direction:

English Angora

This is a rabbit with a hairstyle! With thick wool that covers the entire body of the rabbit, you are in reality purchasing one big ball of bunny fuzz.

Anyone thinking of becoming the proud owner of an English Angora should know that this breed requires a lot of daily grooming as well as a special diet.

American Fuzzy Lop

Again a wool breed that need daily grooming, this breed is small in size with adorable lopped ears. They have been bred in a variety of colors.

Mini Rex

A miniature version of the Rex rabbit, the Mini Rex has soft velvety fur and a very sweet personality. This breed is growing in popularity and for good reason!

Lionhead Rabbit

Have you ever fancied owning your own lion? Well this breed may just be the closest thing to it. With a lionlike mane that surrounds the face coupled with soft fur and a gentle personality, this breed makes a lovely family pet.

Dutch Rabbit

This was the breed of my first pet rabbit, so it has a soft spot in my heart. Being one of the oldest of the domesticated breeds this rabbit type has a very distinguishable appearance, white face, shoulders, neck and feet. The remaining fur is either brown, black, blue or tortoiseshell. My lovely Sally was a beautiful dark brown.

If you are looking for a chilled-out pet that gives off an air of serenity, always looks laid-back, but responds quickly to the offer of a play date, then these are your guys!

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

One of the smallest out of all the rabbit breeds, the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit only weighs a couple of pounds. Short ears, short hair and at their happiest when they have a rabbit buddy to share the hutch with.

So my fellow bunny lovers, there is so much to learn, enjoy and adore about rabbits! Having a one stop location like The Rabbit Forum let's us explore all of our rabbit needs in a way that only bunny lovers really understand.

From informing yourself on rabbit care to understanding the various rabbit breeds available, and from analyzing which hutch or cage would be the best choice, to knowing where to search for bunnies for sale, if you're looking for a one stop location for all your bunny needs, The Rabbit Forum is the place for you!

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